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Frozen 2: More Earworm-y Songs, but in the Best Possible Way

Francesca Fierro

December 6, 2019

Frozen 2 has descended upon us, and it does not disappoint. Packed with action, beautiful animation, and a gorgeous soundtrack, this blockbuster will leave you breathless (and sniffling, as certain scenes speak to the more s...

Is DeLuxe Cleaners really deluxe?

Isabel Nemeth

December 6, 2019

Well the prices sure make you think so. Around since the Great Depression, DeLuxe Cleaners on Main Ave in Clifton has been dry cleaning, laundering, shoe-shining, tapering, sewing--you name it, for 89 years. Taking pride in ...

Bad Bunny’s Album “X 100PRE” Has Claimed the Throne

Maria Perez, Author

December 6, 2019

    Billboard has recently announced that Bad Bunny is this year’s top latin artist, owns best album, and song, in the Latin Artists Charts, sorry Ozuna fans. Bad Bunny has been destroying records since his hit album X 100PRE launched in December of last year.  The album that has knock down other a...

Tacoria Redefines Rabbit Food

Francesca Fierro, Editor

November 13, 2019

It’s like Urban Outfitters for Mexican cuisine: exposed steel ductwork, Edison bulb chandeliers, and a neon sign that spells “It’s Not Love it’s Tacoria” in fluorescent pink cursive.  Tacoria, a fast-casual eatery in M...

Big Mouth Review

Big Mouth Review

March 22, 2019

I Review The Most Unusual Runway Outfits.

March 22, 2019

     I often come across very weird runway outfits and find myself taking the time to critic and judge every single one of them (I have no life, I know). So, to put my favorite pastime to use, I will be critiquing some of th...

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