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Student Opinions: Question of the Month

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Would you like to have your opinions heard? Would you like the whole school to know what you think about a subject? Here is your chance. Respond to one of the questions below in a well thought out and developed essay and you could be published on this site!

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Next month’s questions:

Are STEM classes more important than Humanities classes?

Do people complain too much?




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One Response to “Student Opinions: Question of the Month”

  1. Zachary Mc Parland on January 25th, 2018 11:41 am

    Are STEM classes more important than the Humanities?

    Well, no I don’t believe so. STEM seems to be all the rage for modern education, with districts paying more attention to STEM activities than that of the Humanities. I mean, look at our robotics team; probably the best in the State and one of the best in the northeast United States. But if we look back into human history, it shows us that perhaps the principles of STEM, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics when unrestrained can be very dangerous. Take for example the study of atoms and nuclear technology. In the 1930’s, people began trying to use uranium for nuclear power, however instead we ended up developing the most dangerous weapon in human history; responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands and ultimately showed us that technology gone awry can be dangerous. A more modern example would be artificial intelligence, which has become more common in our households, a good example our great Amazon assistant, Alexa. The humanities, specifically history has taught us that we must learn from the past in order to advance. Just because technology advances does not mean society will. When science outpaces man’s restraint, ethics are lost, morality is lost, all in the name of progress; pushing the envelope if you will. Perhaps learning from the past and from society is the only way to really progress. Technological advancement is not progression, rather it is an instrument which can be used for progression or even regression. Ultimately, I believe that the humanities is more important to study, as it teaches us to learn from the past in order to become a more enlightened people, so that society may progress.


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