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Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour Concert Review (10/14/17)

Sarah Bhowanlal, Staff Writer, electropop and anagram enthusiast

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“This song is a reminder that you do not belong to anybody else but yourself.”

-Halsey, October 14th, right before her final song “Hurricane” at the Prudential Center

If you’re a fan of Halsey, you would know that she loves to speak her mind on feminism, LGBTQ rights, and self love. Those three themes were very apparent in her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour. Halsey took the stage after the opening acts, Charli XCX and Partynextdoor, who did an excellent job of hyping up the crowd. Her predecessors each gave the crowd a distinctive energy from their respective genres. 

Halsey opened her concert with “Prologue,” and visuals to go along with it. Each song seemed to have a unique background to go along with the theme of the song she was singing. Not only were the qualities of these backgrounds absolutely stunning, but none of them were boring. They were intricate and represented her album perfectly.

During “Bad At Love,” the backgrounds switched between balloons, drinks and anything you could ever associate with a party. To make her concert even more artistic, she had her own dancer following her around almost the entire night. There were moments where Halsey even had her own bit of choreography to go along with her dancer during songs. Between songs, Halsey talked to her fans. Being that the concert I attended was in New Jersey, her home state, she got quite emotional while talking about her childhood here.

Before her song, “Strangers,” Halsey reminded her LGBTQ+ fans that they were not alone. It was moments like these that made you forget you were in a room with over 10,000 people. Halsey tried her best to make this concert intimate, making it more worthwhile for the fans. For two songs, Halsey ran through the middle of the audience and performed on a smaller stage, surrounded by fans that could not afford front row tickets.

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is based around Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet. At her concert, Halsey created two houses, Aureum and Angelus, on each side of the venue, to go with her newest album. She allowed fans to decide on parts of the setlist by voting online, and even ran up into the stands to greet some of them. While playing to a large crowd, she was still able to consider each of her fans. This was a concert that I will never forget, and I truly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Halsey, electropop, or just someone who wants to go out and have an amazing time, while also feeling empowered by others.

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Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour Concert Review (10/14/17)