The Incredibles 2: The Movie We Have All Been Waiting For!

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April 20, 2018

Growing up, I’m sure that many of us have seen the remarkable, action packed, superhero Pixar animated movie The Incredibles.  It left everyone on the edge of their seats, watching Mr. Incredible and his family embark on a journey to clear the world of Supervillains and find their inner hero.  After the movie was released, people could not get enough of it and eagerly waited for a sequel.  Now, fourteen years later, we are about to receive the sequel that will complete our childhood, The Incredibles 2!

After hearing that The Incredibles 2 was happening, fans became ecstatic, begging for information about how the movie will go down. So far we know that the movie takes a different direction from the last.  The spotlight will be on Elastigirl as she embraces her inner superhero while out saving the world.  You go girl!  Mr. Incredible will be left to care for Jack-Jack as he develops his super powers and learns how to use them.  There has also been a teaser trailer that Pixar has released of Jack-Jack using his powers.  This teaser most likely proves that Jack-Jack will have a more prominent role in this movie than the last one.  However, there are still a lot of questions that arise about the movie.  What happened to Violet and Dash?  Will there be new Supervillains? Are there going to be new Super Suits?  Will Frozone be present and will he find his Super Suit this time?  Hopefully Pixar will give us more trailers soon so we have answers to these questions.  The movie’s release date is set for June 15th. Preorder your tickets in advance to get the best seats in the theater to get the childhood closure you deserve.  See you all there!