Being A Teenager is Harder Than Being An Adult

group of students with papers

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group of students with papers

Being a teenager is much harder than being an adult. Teenagers are constantly under an immense amount of stress. Their bodies are changing physically and mentally and peer pressure is amongst them. Many do not get enough sleep because of everything going on in their lives. Balancing school and afterschool activities are a lot for teenagers to handle. And then on top of that, trying to decide which colleges and areas of study interest them is even harder. The idea that the rest of a teenager’s life could be impacted by the decisions they make in high school puts a strain on many.

Teenagers are put under a lot of pressure. Between balancing school and work, teens barely have any time to unwind and relax. Adults have incredibly high expectations. They expect their sons and daughters to do chores around the house, play sports, volunteer, participate in extracurricular activities, and get good grades. The need to impress their parents is a heavy burden to carry. Also, these pursuits are time consuming. Many teenagers are up past midnight finishing their homework, since they were busy all day with clubs, sports, and school. As a result, a lot of teenagers are sleep deprived.

For the most part, adults have their lives figured out. Many have jobs and families.  Teenagers still need to decide what they are going to do with their lives. Even if a teenager thinks that they have their life planned out, things change. One of the hardest decisions that anyone will ever make is deciding what to pursue in college. It’s a life changing decision that adults expect adolescents to make. Choosing the right path can put a lot of stress on teenagers.

These are the years when a teenager starts to become adult. Although they are not yet an adult, they begin to act like one. They try to break away from their parent’s grasp. However, they are not ready to go off on their own. As a result, parents and their teenagers start to argue. This leads to teenagers rebelling against authority. For example, they may stay out past curfew or participate in illegal activities. Another reason teenagers may defy their parents is they are going through an identity crisis. This could lead them to lash out at their parents and experience mood swings.

Another issue teenagers have is their bodies are changing. Adults have already gone through those awkward puberty moments. But teenagers are still developing, and not just physically. Teenagers’ minds start to think with a lot of emotion. That is why a lot of teenagers are moody and very dramatic. Instead of thinking rationally like an adult, they let their feelings cloud their judgement.

Peer pressure is a major issue among many teenagers. A lot of teens end up doing drugs and alcohol because they are pressured into doing so. They are scared of being outcasted if they don’t. Teens are also pressured into fitting in with the status quo. Social media does not help- it is just another platform for competition among peers. Many teens spend their money on designer pieces because they want to fit in with everyone else. A lot of teenagers are scared that if they do not wear the newest clothes, they will be rejected by their peers.

Adults have it much easier than teenagers do. While teenagers are still navigating their way through life, many adults have already created lives for themselves. Growing up is difficult for teenagers because they want to break free from their parents’ authority, but are unable to. Between balancing out school and other endeavors, teenagers have little time to themselves. On top of all that, trying to figure out who they are is challenging. The teenage years are the hardest in one’s life because they prepare them for the next chapter in their life.