CAST, Video Magic Makers

There are so many things we had to leave behind when we left school so abruptly back in mid-March; spring sports, awards ceremonies, even the cheers from a packed auditorium at the spring musical. CAST students, however, are doing what they can to continue with a 20 year tradition – The CAST FILM FESTIVAL. Although most CAST students had to leave their original films locked away in the CHS Apple computers, they are working hard to roll with the punches and bring us all a Film Festival after all. Students are currently reinventing the creative process and producing short films for an online film festival. As they work from home, in many cases alone, students are coming up with ideas that will be legen – wait for it – dary. The CAST Film Festival is scheduled for Thursday, May 21st. The entire CHS family will receive a link via email where they can click and enjoy the hard work of our CAST II and III students. These are unprecedented times and CAST is responding with an unprecedented type of film festival. Keep your eyes open for that emailed link on May 21st.


While CHS CAST students are busy working on their short films for our Film Festival, there are a few segments they wanted to share with you all. CAST Three Honors student Joe Rivera, along with some fellow CASTmates were working hard on this Friday Music Video but never had a chance to show our audience as we left the studio behind to take care of ourselves and our families during this unprecedented pandemic. 

Check out Joe’s Cotton Eye Joe Music Video


As we all stay home and maintain safe distances, Jawdat Atallah and Ahmad Muheisen came up with an idea for a short video to show what could happen if the rest of the school year really was cancelled. The flashbacks and memories are flying in this quick moving video. Watch closely because the editing is meant to make it look as if they broke social distancing rules. They are instead filming themselves miles apart. 

Click here to see…


In this next short film, Max Rubin creates a stop-frame animation called THE DARK SIDE. Stop-frame animation is one of the most painstaking and difficult ways to create a film. Most commonly seen in NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, DOGS and JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, this type of film is created by taking twenty-four pics of a subject while moving things just a tiny bit at a time. It took Max more than 11 hours to produce this film which contains 2,072 separate pics. Wow. Max is currently working on a sequel.