My Reflection

Brittany Sosa-Lucero, Phoenix writer


I gag and tremble at my reflection,

There isn’t any hint of perfection.

I’m a full on catastrophe.

“You aren’t good enough”

That is what they always tell me.


The walls are closing in.

I cant breath.

It looks that there is no way out, no escape;

You aren’t thin,

You aren’t beautiful,

She keeps telling me, the demon within.


She whispers her vile words again and again.

I put my hands on my ears.

But you can’t block her out.

Her words seep into me

I will never be free.


It’s a never ending battle between she and I.

But I didn’t fight hard enough,

I caved in,

I let her win.


-Brittany Sosa-Lucero