We sit together


But my mind wanders.

My mind thinks.

The “what ifs…”


What if they saw me stumble when I walked in,

“What a clumsy loser.”

What if I sit down and miss the chair?


My pimple sticks out like a sore thumb.

“She’s ugly.”

It’s all in my mind.


You look bored.

What if I’m uninteresting…

My voice cracks, I clear my throat.

What if it was loud and I brought attention to myself.

You look up at me.

Oh no, you’re going to give an excuse that you have to leave.

“I’m having a good time.”

You’re lying.


We part ways.

Hours after my mind still lingers;

All the things i should or could have done.


The mind,

A whirlpool of overthinking.

The ability to go anywhere and overanalyze.

A good time can turn into a bad time;

Only because of the mind becoming overwhelmed,

With thoughts of impurities and insecurities.


-Melissa Wydak