Love Is Destruction

Taylor Panico, Phoenix writer

Our love is a fire;

Beautiful but slowly dying.

You feed it the oxygen it needs-

Then it ceased;

You started to add water,

Knowing it would harm me.


Never would I have thought-

Our love was going to end.

It was like a story book-

Always read over again;

You made me feel wanted,

Up till the end.


Everything was perfect-

Well as I thought.

I guess you had different intentions;

That when you stopped.

You were my breathe of fresh air,

But clearly I was just there.


Tear stained cheeks,

Mascara stained eyelids,

Broken promised and untold lies;

My biggest and deepest detestation.

“I love you” was my biggest mistake,

But you saying it back was your biggest game.


You are my kryptonite;

Even my achilles heel.

You knew what I wanted,

But never prevailed-

You were my sunny days;

Now your my darkest storms.


                                                  -Taylor Panico