Blue Jay

Carolyn Arias, Phoenix writer

Pretty little bird,

Not flying as high as you used to.

Continuously stagnant.

Why? It can’t piece your wings back together.

Your sweet little dhirp heals everyone like a bandaid.

Not singing your little lullabies as you used to.


Your voice was beautiful before you met it.

I hope by the morning you’re still mine,

Don’t you know?

Your brilliant feathers are too precious.

Why give it a piece of you?

You don’t have to feel whole with it,

But whote within yourself.


Pretty little bird laugh as you swim,

Knowing you’ll drown.

You were playful and free, what happened now?

I noticed how you’re stuck to him like glue.

Can we fly to the heavens and finally be free?

Ill keep you safe, dont return to that demon.

Crumbling bits inside you- heart shattered.

Kissing its poisonous lips.

Fingers evilly intertwined with his.

Eyes too naive to see whats behind his unholy stare.

You cant help it, can you?


You fly back to it everytime.

Lonesome, you migrate down south.

Are you finally free?

Free of attachments?

Pretty little bird, where are you?


-Carolyn Arias