No Surprises

Allison Gear, Phoenix writer

To the snakes and their victims:

The friends I’ve made,

Countless, sleepless nights

I’ve ignored all the warning signs.

I have my reasons to see them through now.


Honestly, I’m not surprised it turned out this way.

We closed our eyes and prayed for change.

Your hair was cut, you were sent away.

When you stood outside my door,

You had tears in your eyes.

Although I begged you to stay,

You said, “I love you, but there’s no way.”


Here you see the last we used to swim in; 

Often dumb and naked on a dark night.

It never felt good,

For I felt as if sharks were preying on me.

This image always repeated.


Kiss your knuckles for me,

So your punch feels softer.

There will be consequences 

for the stupid things ive done.

And there’s no surprise here.

I can’t be brave while staring you down.


I have contributed enough to this chaos.

I have no desire-

To watch this and then complain.

For I am to blame for my own decisions.


This curse plagues me for eternity,

Flinching on this creaky mattress.

If only I could forgive…

… If only I could forget.


-Allison Gear