Layth Hasan, Phoenix writer

They were an angel.


Then they broke you down.

Soiled your face, and throw you to the ground

You tried to be strong,

But you didn’t last long.

You couldn’t bare the pain of the sharp, jagged sword.


You were an angel.


But you didn’t give up, and got up again.

But this time it was different, it was something else.

The tingly warm feeling inside your heart,

Wasn’t love or hope or warmth or joy.

It was the point of the sword,

Stained with the blood of those they killed before.


They were an angel.


They took everything that was yours.

Everything the made you special,

Moments with your family,

Or time spent with your friends.

They shoved it in a box, and threw it to the end.

A never ending tunnel of love, hope, ambition, and joy.

To fee a monster that lurks, and its name is society.


-Layth Hasan