Amanda Sanchez

Joselyn Carrero, Phoenix writer

I’m scared to let you get too close.

That you might see my flawed heart

As something I want you to put back together.

I won’t ask you to fix me.


Afraid of you can do if I get too attached.

You mean too much already.

I don’t want to lose that.

But I won’t ask you to stay.


Fear of you leaving me.

You’re the only one who can

Brighten up a bad day with a simple word.

But I won’t ask you to love me.


Now I’m sitting here

Trying to look for a way

To ask you to need me.


In fear you never will.


And I’ll be sitting here

Wondering what I did wrong.

Was it that I didn’t ask you to stay?

Or that I opened up to you too fast?

Maybe that I needed you more than I needed myself.


But my fear has become my reality.

As you walk away.

Leaving me with myself.

To wonder how I could let you go so fast.

Joselyn Carrero