You’ll Be Okay


Amanda Sanchez

Kayla Nieves, Phoenix writer

Fear is a limitation and a parachute.

It can save you from mistakes or eat you up and carry you away,

When I’m lying awake I feed into its display.

Sometimes I believe I am going to be okay.

But that can stop me from wandering away.

My brain is on autopilot,

I’m trudging through the haze,

The same gloomy pattern burns away my days.

I want to reach my goal,

I want to cry out in victory when my feet graze the finish line,

I want to fall back into your arms and exhale into your gaze,

But waking up everyday repeating the same race

Makes me wonder

“Will I be okay?”

I’ve grown up ambitious,

But the presence of expectations still gnawed at my brain.

I’m scared of failure,

It’s a fools game.

Life is too short to rot away.

To sit in a cubicle and type all day;

I’m craving adventure,

I’m craving a purpose,

I’m trying so hard to pave the way;

I’m planning my future,

I’m making my plans,

And the thoughts still swirl in my head eating me away.

When I can no longer breathe and the thoughts consume me,

I remember how many battles I’ve won with my tattered armor,

So all the thoughts calmly cloud away,

And the sun peaks up  proud to shine another day,

I can look up and say,

“You’ll be okay.”

Kayla Nieves