Amanda Sanchez

Carlos Vasquez, Phoenix writer

There is a way to become immune to your fear.

Expose yourself to it.

However, that is not the case here.


Imagine if you will.

In the corner of the room you spot it.

An elongated chain of insects.

Only they are not insects, but are a single entity.

Moving at a speed so supernatural that it’s demonic.

Do you see a pattern?

I do not think you care.

That crawling thing has you petrified.

You will run from the legs, run from the ugliness.

It is a mythological horror that shouldn’t exist.


In any tropical region, beware.

These monsters are not monsters, they are devils.

Their bite will burn like hell.

And the evil spawns lurk wherever there is wet darkness.

They are just as impossibly fast as the ones over here.

I do not care about where they come from.

I would weep with tears of joy as soon as they are erased from existence.

Centipedes are serial killers in disguise.


They will not kill us, but they would try if it was possible.

If you think like this, it should be easier to crush them.

I think I have chilopodophobia.

Carlos Vazquez