Her Fear


Amanda Sanchez

Serenity Gonzalez, Phoenix writer

Her face goes pale.

Her skin goes cold.

You can hear her heart pounding against her chest.

“He’s gone.”

The only words that she hears or could hear at the moment.

Her biggest fear had been brought to life.

Everything in her world darkened.

The appetite she had was lost.

All was quiet…


He stares up at the wall.

His movement is disabled.

He peers up into the darkness and wants to scream.

It’s as if his mouth is glued shut.

A tear stings the side of his eye.

They call it sleep paralysis.

He calls it a nightmare.


“It’s no big deal, it’s just a spider.”

No, to her, it’s the worst thing.

Her skin crawls at just an image of it.

She feels itchy all over.

To her, this is one of the worst things.

To her, this is her fear.

Serenity Gonzalez