Amanda Sanchez

Kimberly Jimenez, Phoenix writer

A plea of sorrow seeping from the heart.

A language of its own, your vulnerability captivated me.

Oh how I melt away, the stories you weep are of paramount to her.

Her, alike the sun who’s revolved by earth, you’ve shown the heat you can take

Unaware that we are earth, without the sun our days would be gloomy.

The ability to identify the colors in the room with ease,

Being able to form words with sound waves.

How lost we both would be without you,

Yet in here we’re divided, capable of existing by one another

Yet the feeling of right and wrong are lost.

When one goes numb, it takes a hold onto her.

Her, who we both should be on alert with, yet we’re making decisions on our own,

Despite her being the whole who is affected.

How much we have to lose without her.

Kimberly Jimenez