Letter to the Class of 2021

Ashley Hernandez


Ashley Hernandez, Junior Class President

Hey Class of 2021!

This is Ashley, your class president! I hope those of you reading this are having an enjoyable Distance Learning period! I know there will be some of you that use this time to focus on something you’ve always wanted to do, or even just to focus on self-care, and that’s awesome! Even if you’re just using this time to de-stress, that’s totally okay. A lot of people aren’t recognizing the mental strain quarantining and social distancing cause, and focusing on your mental health is totally understandable. Please reach out to any of your teachers or counselors if you ever feel overwhelmed during these times. And of course, my inbox is always open if you want to have a chat ([email protected]) (:

Make sure you regularly check Google Classroom and stay on top of your assignments so you still receive credit for your classes. Also, please check your school emails and take a look at the new schedule Mr. Doktor sent to everyone so we can organize ourselves a bit better with our classes after spring break. As always, you can find updates on the class of 2021 Instagram page, @cliftonhs21. Feel free to DM that page with any questions you may have.

I know some of you may be upset that your events and plans have been canceled, but by practicing social distancing, things can hopefully return to normal soon. Luckily, we still have our senior year to look forward to, and I and the rest of the student council will work as hard as possible to make it as memorable as it can be.

Stay happy, healthy, and strong. <3

Ashley Hernandez

Junior Class President