Letter to the Class of 2022

Rawan Awadalla


Rawan Awadalla, Sophomore Class President

Hello Sophomore Class!

This is Rawan, your class president. I want to wish you all the best of luck during this time of change. As rough as things may be, we have to stick together no matter what! Check up on your friends, teachers, family members, and even yourself! In a time like this, everyone can use some source of happiness to be brought to them, whether it’s making a video collage of all the amazing times you’ve had with your friends or making breakfast for your family. Find a way to bring happiness and joy amid the chaos. 

As important as it is to maintain a healthy mentality, it is just as crucial to stay on top of assignments. Find a place in your home where you’re most comfortable, set up your laptop, notebooks, etc. , have a cup of coffee and complete what is assigned to you. Even if your routines shift as you determine the best ways to adjust, try to create an agenda for yourself in which you could do your work. Take time to check in with yourself to gain insight into where you may be struggling. Teachers are available for help via email and Google Hangouts, and Key Club is offering tutoring to whoever may need it. I encourage everyone to stay on top of their work and make sure to seek out others who may need help as well. As of now, many people may feel discouraged, hopeless, or disappointed. That is perfectly normal. It is hard to adjust to new things, and I applaud everyone for doing the best that they can. 

We got this together.