Letter to the Class of 2023


Sandy Cocoyutla, Freshman Class President

Dear Class of 2023

I know that this period of time can be confusing, stressful, and, worst of all, unpredictable. This isn’t the ideal situation for anyone, but I know together we can get through it.  Undoubtedly, some people are going through a rough time right now as not all of us can adapt to change as well as others, but please don’t be reluctant to talk to anyone. If you ever need to talk to someone, know that your counselors, teachers, and fellow students are always there to check up on you. Even the student council is here to help you. If you ever have questions about distance learning, or if you simply just want someone to talk to, our Instagram is @chs_classof23. If we aren’t here for each other to offer our help, we would just be making this pandemic harder for everyone to get through.

Adding to this, make sure you’re there for them too, you never know when someone might be in need of your help. Your mental health, physical health, and safety are our main priorities right now. Make sure to listen to the social distancing rules and it will all be over soon. For right now, we should make the best of it! I would like to wish all of you a fun distance learning period. Before we are allowed to enter our own school hallways again, make it your new routine to check Google Classroom and finish your assignments. I know it’s not what we’re used to, but keep in mind that our grades still matter during this. But, don’t forget to also have fun! I know it’s tempting to go out as you miss your friends, but for your safety, do not leave. Self-isolating is the best for us until this all calms down. The seriousness of this issue is heightening as the numbers of affected people are going up. Stay home and blast your favorite songs, bake a new recipe, find a new Netflix show to binge-watch, play your favorite game. There’s so much more you can do! Keep yourself and your brain moving!

Don’t worry, it’s just until this is over. The main thing I want to put out there is to know that you’re not alone during this phase of uncertainty. Keep pushing and remember that it will run its course. One day we will be looking back and laughing saying “Hey! Remember that time where we had to be in quarantine?” It’s awful to have so much robbed from us because of this weird experience, but please know it WILL pass by. We can get through this with the love we have for each other. Don’t fret, we are always #CliftonStrong!