And The Rockets Still Fly

And The Rockets Still Fly

Mustafa Yassin, Staff Writer

The “firing” of Palestinians out of their homes needs to be recognized!

Rockets continue to fly above the stolen sky of holiness. They have been flying for over 70 years, and yet nobody seems to notice them. With every launched missile comes a booming crash, resulting in demolition. And what remains of that destruction is debris and dust. As the rockets fly, Israelis enjoy their lives in the place they recognize as home. As the rockets fly, an unresolved refugee crisis continues to grow. As the rockets fly, 805,000 people are missiled out of their homes. As the rockets persist to fly, destruction remains along with the debris of Palestinian ethnicity and identity.

As the first wave of rockets was launched, Zionist forces declared their state of Israel on May 14, 1948, firing missiles of Palestinian inhabitants, forcing them out of their villages. These people made up the dust of what was left of the crashed rockets with more than three-quarters of historical Palestine being conquered by the incoming Zionists by July of 1948. Many rockets are still being fired to demolish the identity and rights of Palestinians with newly created Israeli laws that drastically limit the size of Arab towns. It is known as “Al-Nakba” in Arabic. With it, the rockets still fly.

I am a piece of that debris and what remains of my identity is dust. My grandparents were two of the many rocketed Palestinians who left the debris of their demolished ethnicities as refugees in Jordan. However, in the eyes of Zionists, the small remains of our culture are being turned into dust. Whenever a proud Palestinian waves the flag of Palestine in the West Bank, BANG, a missile for Palestine. When Benjamin Netanyahu has a nightmare about a Palestinian child running happily to his home, BANG, a missile for Palestine for frightening the most humane Prime Minister of Israel. And if a Palestinian family refuses to leave the homes of their beloved land, BANG, they are rocketed out of their village to become refugees of crippled identities. With it, the rockets still fly.

Palestinians have suffered on the same level and if not worse than the suffering of the Jews in the Holocaust itself. Therefore, for the sake of Palestinians, the world should recognize the ongoing Palestinian struggle and seek to give them independent rights. Hasn’t it been enough suffering for the last seventy years? It is now up to people to recognize that Palestinians have been crippled of their identities for years. President Donald Trump and his Middle East plan will continue to stop depriving Palestinians of what they fight for, and if the issue is untouched, the recognition of a Palestinian ethnicity will surely die as the rockets fly for the next seventy years.


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