Class Time + Substitute = Waste

Jemy Samuel

Class Time + Substitute = Waste

Jemy Samuel, Staff Writer

You walk into class one day and you shout with excitement as you see that you have a substitute. This means that you have a free period and don’t have to do any work. But then you realize, what’s the point of me coming into class when I won’t even be learning anything. Having a substitute who is not tailored to the subject class you are in, is a waste of time. 

“More than  5% of teachers are absent on any given day, which means that by the time you finish high school, you have had substitutes for nearly a year of your schooling. And few substitutes are trained in either teaching or the curriculum they have to cover.” Why bother coming into class when you won’t be learning anything? Students come to school to get an education and that’s not possible if you have a substitute that can’t teach that subject. Teachers are humans as well and like everyone else, they’re entitled to taking days off for whatever the reason may be. But, even though your teacher is absent, it doesn’t mean that you can take a break in that class as well. Substitutes should be trained for the subject class that they are covering. For example, if your English teacher is absent, then you should have a substitute that has a degree in English so they can continue the lesson that was being taught by your actual teacher. 

We can all agree that if you have a substitute, it’s pointless. There’s most likely no work and if there is, then you say you’ll do it at home. You basically then waste 1 period by being on your phone, hanging out, sleeping, etc. Why come to a substitute led class when you can do all of that anywhere else. “As the loss of learning time accumulates, the gaps grow between the base of knowledge and the skills reasonably expected of students and what they have been able to acquire.” Not only is time wasted, but that waste also leads to a decrease in knowledge and skills.

Students have clubs, sports, jobs, other classes, etc at the end of the day. You can get a head start on all of that, especially if you have a sub for your last period. This leads to more time after all those activities to spend time with family, do homework, relax, etc. 

Instead of wasting valuable time when teachers are absent, we must do something useful. Substitutes should be trained in certain areas to take over the class they’re covering and get paid the same amount. While students may only get a break when they have subs, it’s important that they do something beneficial.