American Schools Are Failing Our Students

Andrew Quijada


Andrew Quijada, Staff Writer

School and the education we receive are what defines the first stage of every American life. We are raised in the school system and are shaped entirely by the end. This is why I feel the country needs to focus on the value of our school experience and the detrimental effects it has on the average student. The system is failing us greatly and action needs to be taken to ensure the mental health of students in America.

As a Junior in high school, I have experience in the way the schooling system works. Students are forced to wake up extremely early, and then in school, the stress and anxiety to perform well along with the toxic social environment in most schools bombard every student. It was reported by the American Psychological Association that students have an unhealthy amount of stress, causing depression or other related mental illnesses, with school being “a somewhat or significant source of stress.” It was also found that this was affecting them physically as well, with headaches and/or upset stomach. The students of our nation growing up and developing this way is something that needs to be addressed. Education shouldn’t be something that we dread, but rather appreciate and strive for. The school system causes us to lose this incentive to learn and is affecting the success of our nation and the drive of Americans.  How do we expect to remain a world-class power when we don’t care to acknowledge the youth’s education, the most important thing to the nation’s future?

What is exactly wrong with the school system? The social aspect of most schools causes many students to lose self-esteem or lower their self-worth. My sister is the prime example of the system failing her. She was an excellent student and had very good grades, but the pressure of school and the lack of motivation that school caused her to have, made her depressed and thus stop doing well. I remember her feeling that the way things were taught was draining, hated the constant testing, and she felt like she was in a prison. What we need to do is focus on the students actually enjoying and appreciating the education in school by increasing the salary of teachers drastically so better quality teachers are more common, a schedule that doesn’t require students to wake up extremely early every day, and less focus on testing and grades because education shouldn’t be about who can get the highest grade. With this, the true potential of every student can blossom and thrive in the future.

Though this is key to the future of our nation, it is almost impossible at the moment to do much seeing that we have Betsy Devos in charge of the education system, who has no idea what she is doing and doesn’t support public schools. She has said that she supports private schools and has been taking away money from public education. When asked questions about the school system by Bernie Sanders she had no objective or clear goal to make the education system better. During that same questioning, it was found that she basically bought her way into the position by paying the Republican party.  She is a billionaire who has no voice for the common people and is unqualified for such an important position. Though spreading the word and voting her out of the position is a step in the right direction. 

Every student in America deserves better and the flaws in our schooling should be addressed due to the negative effects it has on their mental state growing up. The depression and anxiety rates are unhealthy and its roots lie in the school system. Change needs to happen and it needs to happen now.