Global Warming is now a Matter of Life or Death


Elena Melt, Staff Writer

The world is dying, that is a fact. So why don’t people care more? The common reason is that their lives are stressful enough without having to worry about the planet. However, the effects of global warming are increasing to the point that it’s becoming impossible to ignore. Even the big-shot CEOs are saying something has to stop. Australia has been suffering in a living inferno for months. Puerto Rico is practically destroyed. And yet people are still turning a blind eye to the issue.

This ignorance has to stop.

Yes, our lives are bad enough with work and lifelong debt looming over us. But if we keep pushing it off to the side, pretty soon, there won’t be a planet left to ignore. Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has proposed the “Green New Deal ” which promises to end fossil fuel subsidies and convert the American energy system to 100% renewable energy. The opposing argument is that the The Green New Deal will literally destroy the economy because its budget is bigger than the US economy. First of all, I would like to ask how someone could put their economy before their planet. Guess what people? If we keep hurdling gas emissions into the air at this rate there won’t be an economy to destroy. It will have already been obliterated by the Sun’s solar flares, or the severe wildfires. 

Speaking of wildfires, everyone has heard of the raging fires in Australia. According to the New York Times, These fires have been going on for months and there seems to be no end to them. These firefighters are risking their lives for the people of Australia and death is a serious risk. “The toll on firefighters is mounting: On Jan. 23, three American crew members were killed when their firefighting plane crashed in the Snowy Mountains; 11 firefighters in all have died this season”. But climate scientists predict the worst is yet to come. The hurricanes in Puerto Rico were just as devastating. In August the official death toll climbed to thousands with an official 2,975 casualties. You think the economy was their utmost priority when their roofs were collapsing and they were trying to stay alive? We can only hope now that we don’t suffer a worse fate.