Life 360 SHOULD be put on every teenagers’ phone and here’s why:


Isabel Nemeth, Editor

So you want to go out with your friends on a Friday night but Thursday afternoon you already start to dread the slew of texts and calls that will be coming in from your mom once the clock strikes 11 the next night. You know that if you don’t answer the minute your phone rings, she will have the city’s police force search for you. You debate on canceling just because the last time this mess happened it was super embarrassing.  

If you’re “you” then Life360 may be the solution for you. Now before you groan hear me out; with this app your parents won’t have to bombard you because they’ll always know your location. No more annoying buzzing, they’ll just simply click on the app and see where you are. They won’t have to ruin your date with your crush or your spontaneous shopping spree with those friends your mom hates.

And it doesn’t just end there! The app has tons of great qualities. The four main features are: location sharing, circles, places, and premium. If you want to pay just $5 a month, you can sign up for premium and enjoy all that Life360 has to offer. This includes being able to set up unlimited Places (Life360’s geo-fencing feature) and view an expanded family location history. Life360 Premium also offers something called 24/7 Live Advisor. If you push the Live Advisor button in-app, you will instantly be connected to a real person who can see your location, dispatch roadside assistance, coordinate a locksmith, call a taxi and more. Life360 Premium also enables users to locate up to six non-smartphones for free and provides stolen phone protection in the amount of $100, which you can put towards your next phone if your current one is stolen and not able to be located using Life360.

In 2013, the creators even made an agreement with BMW that allowed them to integrate their location services with the navigation in BMW vehicles. All that same year, Life360 surpassed Foursquare in the number of registered users with 34 million and saw an increase in user registration following the announcement from Google that they would be shutting down their Google Latitude platform in August. Don’t think you are the only one in the group that has strict parents; chances are you know a few people who have it because more and more families are beginning to download this helpful app.

So the next time you roll your eyes and sigh when you see the 30th missed call from a contact called “Household CEO”, think about trying out Life360! Remember, your parents may know where you are but they still can’t see who you’re with!