Is YouTube Good For You?


William McCoy, Staff Writer

YouTube is a digital video platform that has billions of videos on a variety of topics. YouTube can entertain as well as teach it’s viewers many different things. With a platform with a wide variety of content there is a downside. On YouTube there are many different things that can send people the wrong message, make people upset, and persuade people to make bad decisions which is why YouTube can be dangerous for people. 

YouTube is one of the top sources of entertainment among the kids of today even for kids as little as 3 years old which can be dangerous. YouTube started in 2019, due to a lawsuit of $170 million for their violation of Children Online Privacy Protection Act, to make content creators specify if their content is targeted towards kids. They were required to do this because YouTube automatically collects data on it’s users for advertising purposes, but that is illegal to do to kids of a certain age.  Now as good as this solution sounds it does not work because the content creators can still add things into the content that the YouTube algorithm will not mark as kid specified making it dangerous and a direct violation of their rights as it will give their information to advertisers. 

Along with the privacy dangers YouTube presents to kids there’s also physical dangers that can affect kids. On the platform there are many videos of people that do crazy things for views. Some of these things are things that should not be attempted but some content creators do not specify this and viewers end up doing dangerous things. This can lead to physical harm to the viewer that they did not intend to happen. 

YouTube is also detrimental to a lot of people’s mental health creators and viewers alike. YouTube allows each video to have a comment section and some channels with a certain amount of subscribers to have a community tab. These comment sections and community tabs are not always pleasant. There have been many reported cases of cyberbullying on the platform and YouTube is often criticised for not taking enough action to prevent bullying on the platform which is why some people view YouTube negatively.

Even though YouTube has tried to take many different measures to make the platform a better place for all of it viewers, there is just no way to be able to fix all the problems that arise with all the new loopholes found.YouTube is an ever growing platform with an ever growing number of people signing on to it each day, but the more people also means the more people that can be at risk to the dangers of  YouTube.