There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Body


Alexandra Jarmillo, Staff Writer

As younger generations strive towards a more inclusive culture, they’re still put down by the overwhelming pressure of matching the ‘perfect body’ image. Brands and social media contribute to people becoming self-conscious about their bodies because of the lack of body inclusivity. Brands should advertise more body shapes and sizes so that people can learn to love their bodies as well as a decrease in issues with bodies.

Brands today are being called out for the lack of body diversity in their advertisements in order to accommodate all sizes and shapes of their consumers. A famous brand that has opened its doors to body inclusivity is Aerie. They have been one of the frontrunners in expanding their sizes. They currently carry XXS to 2XL online and in stores. Another thing that Aerie and American Eagle have done that has paved the way in body diversity is by using models of all shapes and sizes in order to advertise their clothing. Jameela Jamil has been one of the leading voices in Aeries embrace in body diversity. She has worked closely with the brand for it to extend its sizes and stray away from photoshop and the use of models of different backgrounds and body types. Jamil believes that girls shouldn’t care about whether you have cellulite or love handles. She tells The Hollywood Reporter about how as a teen she would put herself down because she wasn’t white nor skinny. She doesn’t want other girls to not experience what she experienced growing up which is not her body shape nor ethnicity being shown as the ‘ideal body type’.

Brands that aren’t learning to embrace body diversity and inclusivity have had to go back and begin to bring these ideals to their brand. Let’s look at Victoria’s Secret. They had to cancel their 2019 fashion show due to the lack of customer interest because of their lack of inclusivity, comfort and that they don’t empower women but instead sexualize them. Victoria’s  Secret has been trying to have some inclusivity in its brand but hasn’t quite reached what other lingerie brands have been doing like Rhianna’s Savage x Fenty and Third Love. As a society of different shapes and different races, we need to learn to advertise for all of them not just the skinny white girls. Now that social media has become a big part of our society, there are more ways for people to attack you if your body doesn’t fit the ‘perfect body ideal’ which many celebrities have to go through. Many believe that social media instead of causing body dysmorphia and low self-esteem can actually become a place where people learn to embrace their bodies but this can only happen once the big brands learn to embrace different body types and ethnicities in order to sell their products for the younger generations.