“We Were Liars” Book Review

Rafaela Gavilano

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The book “We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart was a story about a rich family, who lived on an island off of Massachusetts during the summer. Their lives were perfect, and nothing would change that. However, that is what people saw on the outside. No one would see what the Sinclairs, the family, went through the summer of 2015. Cadence, the main character, would change the lives of the Sinclairs forever. Her mother and aunts would fight almost everyday about who would get the most inherence from their father, and Cadence and her other cousins were getting tired of it. They could no longer take the drunk screaming, crying and fights that kept their mothers apart. So, one day, Cadence came up with the idea to burn what the mothers were fighting for, the house of her grandparents. That house was called Clairemont, and it had all of the most valuable paintings and statues the Sinclairs owned. Cadence and her cousins executed her plan, and it failed miserably. Her two cousins, Johnny and Mirren, along with a family friend their age, Gat, died as the house burned down. This is what the book was leading up to, but the book also gives background on Cadence’s life, her love story and her life after the fire. 

The overall review that I have on this book is that it was a good book, I have read better stories, but also worse ones. When I first picked up this book, I did not believe it was going to have such a tragic ending or tragic story. I read the summary and assumed it was a “forbidden love” type of story. Gat, the family friend, was the same age as Cadence, and she basically grew up with him, as he would always come to the island at the same time the Sinclairs did. Cadence eventually falls in love with him because she sees how different he is from her family. He does not pretend to be perfect like they do, and he wants to make a difference in the world by helping people who need it the most. That is what attracts Cadence to Gat, the fact that he doesn’t pretend to be who he is. However, her grandfather does not approve of their “relationship” because of how different he is. Other things that happen in the book include Cadence’s life after the accident. As the fire of the house was going on, she became so frazzled that she has stubbled back and hit her head on rocks along the beach. This caused her to lose all memory of what happened, and as the book went on, she remembered more and more. Her life after losing her memory was the majority of the book, and in the end she remembers everything. 

I would give this book a 3 out of 5 stars. According to other readers, a 3.5 was given out of 5 stars and I can somewhat agree with this. The majority of the book was very slow, and I was always wondering what was going to happen next but not in a good way. Also, the ending about Cadence and the burning down of the house was such a shock that the book did not really prepare the reader for. However, the love story was interesting and so was the story about the Sinclairs. Many of the reviews from readers say that the description of the scenes was what made them love the book, and I can agree with that. Descriptions were a big part of the book, but there are other factors to consider when rating a story. Lastly, plot twists are always a great part of books, but this one was too unexpected and sort of morbid, and that personally is not my favorite aspects when it comes to books.