Sweet 16 parties are just girls putting on a dress that’s way too big for them




The craze began in my sophomore year. The parties were always huge–hundreds of people, a vast dance hall, and trays and trays of chicken tenders, pasta primavera, and sliders. Everyone spent so much time getting ready for really what was just a couple hours of dancing and eating. Not to mention the birthday girl herself; weeks and weeks of preparation went into picking out the big dress and tailoring it, choreographing the dances, and finding the right color scheme.

I was invited to more Sweet 16 parties than I probably should have been. These parties were such a trend that people who I just barely knew invited me. It got to a point where it was so awkward that I didn’t even feel like going to another Sweet 16 ever. But that pesky voice in my head kept telling me things like, “go and have fun regardless if you know anyone or not” or “it’s their birthday and it’s rude not to go”. I went back and forth with myself constantly. I was worried that I would miss out or disappoint the birthday girl, but deep down I knew the whole thing was a big waste of time. Even the financial aspect of it is bizarre to me. Why spend a few thousand dollars on one night when you could buy a car? Or a closets worth of clothes you’ll wear more than once unlike your Sweet 16 dress?

To my relief however, this era quickly ended as I entered my junior year. Stay tuned to see how I feel about graduation parties!