Fruit Snacks, PopCorners, Lays Chips and more!

Fruit Snacks, PopCorners, Lays Chips and more!


Isabel Nemeth


“Anyone wanna buy?”

Ah snacks! Clifton High’s favorite way to raise money for sports, clubs, musicals-just about any extracurricular activity really. Everything is usually sold for a dollar or less making it affordable and more desirable than the questionable lunch meat sandwich.  

But it seems like many other schools have a zero-tolerance policy on chip and cookie-selling. One of these schools is Alisal High School in Salinas, California. The students there sell snacks illegally to help their parents pay bills, save up money for cars and college tuitions, or just plainly because they make more money this way than if they got a real job. According to their assistant principal Enrique Lopez, students face a talk with their parents, a warning, or lunch detention if students get caught selling on school grounds. 

With kids making around $100 a week selling normal bags of chips, they have taken steps to further their businesses. Some students are selling bags of chips that contain marijuana. No one knows about the amount of THC that the bag of chips contain yet they sell for almost three times the cost of a normal bag. Because of the severity of this offense, students face suspension and possibly expulsion if found carrying the marijuana chips

It’s pretty sad that the students that are in need of some extra cash go to sometimes illegal lengths to get it. Yet at our school, chips and other snack selling is the most common solution when the school needs some money to fund a club or sport. 

Is selling various types of snacks at your school bannned?