The Snack Bar Prices are INSANE

How many times have you wished to buy some juice, like a Snapple for yourself or a friend? Maybe you weren’t in the mood for a soda or you weren’t feeling well and an iced tea could make you feel better but you found the price too high or you didn’t have enough money. 

This same case can occur when buying other stuff in our school’s Snack Bars. The main issue, the prices are too high:

$2.50 for a small smoothie

$1.25 for a bag of chips that’s 95% air

$2.50 for a Snapple

$.60 for a cookie

These are the prices of a small part of a larger variety of snacks. These prices aren’t fair for low income students and those students who have yet to find a job. Not only that, but you would find lower prices on places like Walmart or a bodega; why does our school differ from this? 

I decided to go out and ask what does the fellow Mustangs think about the issue.

“I think the Snack Bar’s prices are too high because where I go the prices for some snacks are just one dollar but over here is $1.50 or $2.00 just for a snack. I think they should lower the prices because I could buy cheaper food from other places.” 

 – Alexander, Senior

 “The prices are too high. Buying a lunch is cheaper than buying a snack.” 

-Jaliyah, Senior

“The Snack Bars are insanely high, all the drinks are beyond expensive, it’s just too much. The school would still make a profit if they sell water for a dollar” 

-Karina, Junior

These students, as well as the other Mustangs I’ve asked, all have the same conclusion: the Snack Bars prices are costly. A bag of chips isn’t worth $1.25, a Snapple isn’t worth $2.50, it’s not worth the quantity, and the students aren’t aware of what the school does with the profit.

There are classrooms where you don’t feel the heat from the heaters during the summer, the classrooms don’t have AC and teachers have to sacrifice their own money from their paychecks to provide students with AC or a fan. Clubs have to fundraise in order to accomplish certain activities, they are not given any budgets. Some teachers have to buy supplies for their classes. Where does our money go? Sports? Arts? Reparations? If so, I personally, have not seen any change.