Why I Love Barnes & Nobles

Why I Love Barnes & Nobles

Eilyn Tepale

You might know Barnes and Nobles as a place with loads of books, but did you know they have movies too? I admire the variety of genres of books they provide, from poetry, young adult, romance, kids’ books and yes, even anime.

When I was little I would read any book I could get my hands on- even if I did not understand the words. So imagine my reaction when I discovered this literary heaven. I never know what gem I’ll come across next. A good love story ? Some inspirational poetry? Or maybe just a comic book to give me a few good laughs.

Just when I didn’t think it couldn’t get any better, I found out they have stationary, games and fun bookmarks. Once while trying to find a good pen to write with (I take my pens very seriously). I took it along with the perfect pen and wrote whatever my heart desired. Every time I go back there I feel happy, I feel like I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

When i first went there the first thing i noticed was obviously the amount of books they had, so many to look at and read. Quickly I had gotten attached to the poetry section of the store which currently is still my favorite section. They provide quotes to motivate you, brighten your day, boost your confidence, and sometimes there is a little romance in the book. As much as i adore the place I think they should add a space with maybe pillows or a sofa with a big rug under it so people could relax and read.

They have this table where the books are covered entirely with brown paper so you don’t see how it looks like and on the outside is a sticker with a few hints on what the book would be about. I find it cool that they decided to do this because it would give the reader a sense of anticipation to want to see how the book looks like, what is it exactly about and to see if they would like it.