Is DeLuxe Cleaners really deluxe?


Isabel Nemeth


Well the prices sure make you think so.

Around since the Great Depression, DeLuxe Cleaners on Main Ave in Clifton has been dry cleaning, laundering, shoe-shining, tapering, sewing–you name it, for 89 years. Taking pride in their trade, the owners will do anything to please their customers no matter how big a request. 

I have brought in shirts multiple times stained with oil and blood and they have come back to me in flawless condition. If for some reason they could not get the stain out, they apologized and tried to make it up to me by offering some sort of discount. All sweaters and coats are always de-pilled if needed, and if you ask they can keep the crease in your slacks for you. 

Of course, they cannot do anything if your clothes don’t come out as expected. They tried their best to make it look brand new and that is exactly what a quality dry cleaners should do. After all, I am paying $24.99 to clean a dress and $60.00 to hem it. 

So the next time you find yourself moping over the marinara sauce you spilled on your cashmere sweater at the office Christmas party, stop by at DeLuxe and see what they can do for you!