Murder Castle

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Murder Castle, the name itself caught my attention because I wanted to know more behind it. H.H Holmes was one of the world’s infamous serial killers in the 1890’s originally named Herman Webster Mudgett but changed his name to Holmes after Sherlock Holmes when he left New Hampshire to move to Illinois. At the time there was a 1893 World Fair in Chicago and so because of that Holmes decided to take advantage. He bought an empty lot in the Englewood Neighborhood of Chicago. He built a hotel and with stores at the bottom and on top apartments for people to live in. The hotel included sound proof rooms, endless hallways, dead ends, and had a crematorium in the basement to discard of any evidence. The hotel itself looked like a regular building but i find it bizarre that not many people found something about the hotel bizarre or even that nobody noticed that people would go into the hotel but never come out. Holmes had claimed to have killed over 200 people but only 9 were confirmed. However, we may never know because of how he took care of the remains.What I want to know is how did he come up with the idea of creating an entire hotel inn with those types of features ? Or how long did he work on creating the structure of it because it wasn’t made overnight. H.H. Holmes died of execution and later on the hotel he created was torn down.