Can Social Media Cause Depression?

Eilyn Tepale

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Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat all have 3 similar things photos, texts and advertisement. It is so interesting that any one of these things can make us look on our way of life and can change our feelings.


For example, people can often feel lonely and then get sad. How ? Well with group photos, love quotes or relationship posts a person can end up feeling alone because they feel like they need to have a certain amount of friends or a significant other to feel loved or appreciated or even reassured that they are important in someone’s life. But then again, some find it more important to get more likes and comments on comments on their posts rather than socializing with others and focusing on other things.

Some might often lower their own self esteem because of post that may have involved someone’s academic achievement or maybe they have someone that the person watching doesn’t. They probably start thinking “they’re so lucky” , “why can’t I be like them” or “I will never be able to do that”. For now it may start as those little phrases but throughout time the person might tend to overthink it & actually start to bring themselves down instead of appreciating what they actually have and working on how to improve. Later on they started doubting their ability to do things.

A simple text or post can change our mood or way of things in snap.

And i’m not saying not to post any of things because social media is there for the public and you can technically post whatever you want. It’s just that there are people that are sensitive about certain things.