Bad Bunny’s Album “X 100PRE” Has Claimed the Throne

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Billboard has recently announced that Bad Bunny is this year’s top latin artist, owns best album, and song, in the Latin Artists Charts, sorry Ozuna fans. Bad Bunny has been destroying records since his hit album X 100PRE launched in December of last year. 

The album that has knock down other artists’ positions in the Latin Hot Top List is one of the best albums I’ve heard. Bad Bunny achieved combining a variety of different genres of music into his songs, this is not only a good way to display other cultures, but it also serves as a way for the public and fans to relate to it. For example, in the song La Romana, it has a Dominican bachata added with the trap music. Bachata is one of the highlights of Dominican culture; thus Dominicans can relate to it and other communities can have a small experience of bachata. 

His album does not tell one story, nor repeats the same rhythm. Every song is different from each other. His songs corporate a different feeling, remorse: Otra Noche en Miami, excitement: La Romana, nostalgia: Como Antes,  happiness: Estamos Bien.                                      

There was a time where I felt that I lost my touch with my latinx heritage, so I decided to listen to reggaeton and trap music in order to reconnect with it. In my search I stumbled with the new artists, Ozuna, Anuel AA, but Bad Bunny I found him intriguing. He was different from the rest of the other artists. He’s extravagant, with a fun odd sense of style, and was open about the machismo and violence against the LGBTQ+ community in Latin America, which is something that is barely spoken. We can see his portrayal of this issue on the music video of his song Caro. 

Bad Bunny is the new artist who will open new doors in the latinx community for people who don’t fit the common panorama, will bring new, fun music to the platform, and have fans inspired to be themselves just like he does, despite all the backlash from older generations.