Being the best in the state gets you a fan bus


Isabel Nemeth, Editor


On Thursday November 14, the Clifton Boys Varsity Soccer team played in the state sectional semi finals in Franklin against Elizabeth High School. After an eventful game consisting of a fight, two red cards, and a double overtime golden goal, the Mustangs had an unbelievable winning streak of 21-0-0. The group IV finals were set to be played at Kean University that Sunday November 17 against Hunterdon Central. When the score was still 0-0 after 100 minutes, the teams went to a penalty shootout. Again, they tied it 4-4 and it wasn’t until Clifton’s Jason Suarez lobbed it in during the sudden death round that the stands erupted in cheers.

Due to the insane amount of people going to these games, the Clifton School Board of Education provided a “fan bus” for supporters of the boys for both Thursday night and Sunday afternoon. Both games were extremely important considering that if they went completely undefeated, they would be the best soccer team in Clifton history and be the first team to have earned a state championship title since 1994. 

But there were only about 15-20 kids on the bus for both games. The fan bus started off as just a means of transportation for the girls varsity soccer team to go and show their support for the boys team. As it turns out, any Clifton student could have had access to the bus. All they had to do was get a field trip permission slip from the main office at school. So who was going to let the students know about this easy option to get to the major game?

When it was time for the football state semi final game that friday November 22, more people had found out about this unexpected fan bus. Still though it hadn’t come to the point where students were fighting over getting a seat. So why was the news not announced? Did administration think there were too many kids for the one fanbus available? Who knows. But the next time Clifton makes it to a state championship completely undefeated, a fan bus sure as heck won’t go unnoticed.