Why the New Joker Made History

Why the New Joker Made History

Maria Perez, Author



After Heath Ledger’s unforgettable act as the Joker in 2008’s The Dark Knight, it’s been impossible to surpass, or even get near to, his recreation of the Clown Prince of Crime. Following his death in 2008, Ledger left behind a legacy admired by fans around the world. 

Christopher Nolan, the director of The Dark Knight trilogy, rebranded The Dark Knight as a masked do-gooder for the country’s dangerous post-9/11 time, where Nolan portrayed the paranoia and anguish that filled American life and he accomplished it by a psychotic clown with green hair and purple suit we know so well. This portrayal had audiences and fans thrilled for Ledger accomplished to depict the beloved character far above anyone’s expectations.  

Ten years later, it’s been difficult for filmmakers to recreate the iconic Joker; there’s no need to mention the big disappointment Jared Leto’s Joker was. However, the new re-enactment led by Joaquin Phoenix, have fans surprised about how outstanding it is. Joker is the first solo movie that tells the story of how the infamous comic-book villain came to be. 

In the movie, instead of throwing Arthur Fleck in a barrel of chemicals, they threw him into society. We watch Arthur’s descent into madness as society overpowers him and slowly but surely, alters his view of the world and his role within it. This depiction of the Joker is separate from the political climate that exists currently. Director Todd Phillips, decided to step away from comedy films and make a film that will undertake this “woke culture”.

The movie had received backlash from critics and viewers saying that it glorifies a killer and make a mockery of mental illness, but it’s not. The film was not made to be relatable, nor to sympathize with the murderous protagonist. It is meant to provide an origin to one of fiction’s most mysterious villains, and it exceeding audiences’ expectations. It has now become a movie loved by fans and others among the public.