Recent Fashion Comebacks? Yay or Oh No, Go Back To Y2K

Ilona Soltys, Editor

It’s very clear that certain retro fashion trends have definitely come back into the mod and others have been completely and utterly locked away into a safe that no one should ever open, like super low-rise jeans. There are a few that I personally love and incorporate into my style all the time and others that really aren’t my cup of tea.

Let’s start off with something that wasn’t really a “trend” but definitely made a comeback from an era where it was more popular. Ripped jeans were everything in the 80s. Every pair had a gaping hole somewhere or had their knees absolutely blown out. After a while, like all things, they began to slowly fall back into the shadow of whole, non-ripped, old people approved denim pants. Recently though, they have been making a clear comeback. Just looking at myself and the people I know, everyone owns at least one pair of ripped jeans. Personally, they’re all I wear and ironically, I wear them when trying to make an outfit “fancier.” Ripped jeans get two thumbs up from me.

On the other hand, something that I don’t see myself jumping on the bandwagon on is fanny packs. Oh yes, they’ve made a comeback. I think they’re bulky and make you look like a touristy dad, but this generation has seemed to adopt them, and not just for their trendy vibe. With the whole on-the-go/ musical festival/ hands-free day and age that the past few years have evolved into, fanny packs make sense. You can fit everything in them and they come in just about every color and texture you would like. Pink, furry cheetah print? Amazon probably has it. I’ll stick to my wallets and handbags though, thank you.

One of my favorite trends that has made a comeback is definitely high-waisted pants. A round of applause for no muffin tops please! The high-waist has not only been incorporated into different styles of pants, like jeans, cargos, and dress pants, but also into different lengths of high-waistedness. From your belly button to way above, you can find any pant that fits the length of your crop top. We definitely stan high-waisted pants.

Now before I talk about the next comeback-trend, I need to insert a little background information in the form of a personal anecdote. When I first moved to America in the early 2000s, turtlenecks were everything. It wasn’t just an American trend but an international trend. They were absolutely everywhere. So, long story short, turtlenecks were the only thing I wore. Under sweaters, long sleeved, sleeveless, black, white, rainbow; You name it, I wore it. In simpler terms, I am sick and tired of turtlenecks so their recent comeback won’t be a style that I’ll be rocking any time soon. Anyway, they’ve made a huge return. Not only are they worn alone but under dresses, under sweaters, as accent pieces, and even as mesh over other shirts.

Fashion trends have come full circle. Whether it’s 80s leg warmers, 90s chokers, or 2000s low-rise jeans they’ve made a comeback one way or another. Some honestly should’ve just stayed in the pre Y2K era but we can’t have everything can we?