What Issue(s) Do You Think Can Be Improved or Addressed Through CHS’ Rules and Policies?


Lisbeth Cedano

The purpose of a school handbook is to establish guidelines that protect the rights of students. To outline responsibilities, obligations, and expectations of students necessary to ensure success. However, there are many rules and regulations that people deemed as “unnecessary” or “unfair”. There are many issues that students think that can be improved or addressed through CHS’ rules and policies. Problems like the attendance policy, the gym policy and many more.

Attendance has always been a huge issue for students in Clifton High School. In a school year, we are only allowed 17 absences. If you are absence more than 17 days, you get denial of credit for all classes. Even though that may seem generous, those aren’t enough to last for 10 months we are are school. The administration seems to forget that students have responsibilities outside of school. In some cases, responsibilities override school work.

Students have family responsibilities, jobs, relationships and much more. Sometimes students need a mental health day, but don’t want to risk getting another absent mark on their record. With very few breaks throughout the school year, students need a little rest from all the school work. With so many students taking honors and AP classes, students need a time off, and seventeen days are not enough for an average high school teenager.

Besides the attendance policy, gym class seems to be a big issues for students. If a student does not change for a gym class, eight points are deducted from their grade. Although it is very easy to put on some sneakers and sweatpants, some people don’t do it, and it’s for a reason. Gym teachers don’t take to consideration that some people are not in the mood to jump and workout for 44 minutes. A female’s menstrual cycle is a big factor for not changing for gym class. Students are not always in the best condition to exercise. There are many reasons, some very personal, that students don’t want to change, but if they don’t change it will result in eight points reduced from your grade. In some cases, students fail for the marking period due to this, which affects their GPA.

Although the student handbook is full of crucial regulations and information, some things should be improved. Some solutions to problems are not that easy to implement, but others are. A quick fix to the gym policy is to deduct four points from a students average class grade instead of eight. This allows a better chance for students to maintain their high grade and not fail the class. Student attendance would take a longer time to improve, but it can happen. An easy solution is to give students 22 days of absences for the year. This gives students enough days for anything that may occur outside of school and it help them maintain their credit. The CHS student handbook may have many policies, but without them schools would lack the structure and function necessary to provide the educational needs of students.