“One Day At A Time” TV Show Review


Samantha Zakrzewski, Writer/Editor

Caught up on all of your current shows and now you’re stuck browsing through Netflix without any idea of what to watch? Look no longer as I have found the perfect show for you! Although it may come across as corny, this light-hearted family sitcom will make you laugh until tears start streaming down your face. From it’s catchy theme song to it’s jokes that are actually funny (unlike so many other sitcoms), you’re bound to fall in love with “One Day At A Time.”

“One Day At A Time” has an interesting premise- it follows the lives of Cuban-American veteran Penelope Alvarez (Justina Machado), her two children, Elena and Alex (Isabella Gomez and Marcel Ruiz), and her hilarious mother, Lydia (Rita Moreno). We watch as they tackle the struggles and enjoy the good parts of life. This highly relatable show is bound to hook you from the first episode as the cast does an excellent job executing their performances.

Personally, I was hesitant to watch this Netflix Original as I’m not a fan of sitcoms, since they tend to be way to predictable and corny. However, it’s easy to overlook these factors as “One Day At A Time” is not only hilarious, but relatable as well.

“One Day At A Time” succeeds in moving beyond the stereotypical problems that sitcoms tend to have and tackling serious ones. One episode in particular deals with depression. Penelope decides to stop taking her antidepressants and the result is catastrophic. Her attitudes and behavior completely change- she impulse shops, sleeps in bed all day and suffers from serious mood swings. The episode becomes a tear jerker when Penelope breaks down crying, unable to cope with her depression without the aid of her antidepressants. Such a serious topic is not one that I would have expected to come from such a seemingly light hearted show.

We also see Elena struggle for acceptance with her sexuality. As someone who hails from a Catholic family, it comes as a shock to her family when she tells them that she’s gay. Although it takes a while, her family eventually comes to terms with her sexuality. However, it’s hard to watch Elena’s father, Victor Alvarez (James Martinez), refuse to accept who she is and fail to show up to her Quinceanera.

Overall, I would highly recommend “One Day At A Time” as it’s highly relatable and humorous. It’s one of those shows that you may just find yourself binge watching until you’ve caught up on all of the episodes. So the next time you’re feeling lazy (despite having a ton of homework to do), check out “One Day At A Time” and see if it’s the right show for you.