How Accurate are Buzzfeed Quizzes?


Ilona Soltys, Editor

So we’ve all stumbled upon the intriguing, semi-uninformative, slightly idle buzzfeed entertainment business. Whether it’s food-tasting videos, articles on “19 Dog Pictures That Will Brighten Your Day,” or their daily Snapchat horoscopes, they always have something that draws our attention.
My personal favorite Buzzfeed additive is their wildly popular and oh-so accurate quizzes. These quizzes are made by fans of Buzzfeed or workers from the company. Most of them claim to be able to guess a specific fact about you, down to the T. So, I put their claim to the test. I took 3 Buzzfeed quizzes that all claimed to be able to make an accurate estimation about me and reviewed their accuracy.

The first one I took was called “Can We Actually Guess Your Age Based On Your Cheese Preferences?” The answer is no. Last time I checked, I wasn’t 23 years old but nice try Buzzfeed. Based on questions like “Pepper Jack or Colby Jack,” you weren’t too far off. Maybe next time ask something like ‘Provolone or American Cheese’ because if anyone picks American over absolutely any other type of cheese, they obviously haven’t sprouted into their “big kid” taste buds yet.

The second quiz I took drew me in as they claimed they could “reveal my dominant outer and inner qualities” with just ten questions. Nice try Farrah but unless you can guess that “being tired” is my main personality trait, I don’t think you’ll be very high up on the accuracy scale. Nonetheless, I took it the quiz and according to Farrah, my dominant outer trait is my smile and my dominant inner personality trait is my charm. Your ability to naturally turn on charm makes you immediately likable and trusting. Overall, this makes you a caring and compassionate person.” I can’t tell you how accurate that is without sounding completely narcissistic but on a scale of 1-10, ten being “omg that’s TOTALLY me,” it’s a 6.8..

Now the third and final quiz I took was labeled “Pick 6 Yankee Candles And We’ll Guess Your Zodiac Sign.” Being born on June 10th, by default, makes me a Gemini, but how Buzzfeed thinks it’ll guess that based on whether I choose Macintosh or Alfresco Afternoon is beyond me. In the end, Buzzfeed guessed Aquarius or Capricorn so sadly, they were not as accurate as they had hoped.

Out of three quizzes that were taken, 1 was accurate and the other two were completely off. So Buzzfeed quizzes: 100% entertaining, 0% accurate.