Why Clifton Doesn’t Suck

Ilona Soltys, Editor

Often times, when living in a place for too long, we forget the beauty that it beholds. Now, taking a stroll around Main Street Clifton may not exactly be a walk in the park. There’s no luscious green trees sprouting, no flowers growing out of the sidewalk but living in Clifton does have its benefits, I promise.

One big advantage of living in Clifton that everyone overlooks is the location. In the words of Cher Horowitz’s father, “everywhere in LA takes 20 minutes.” Now granted, we don’t live in Los Angeles but, unless you’re going down the shore or out of state, everything takes, max, 20 minutes to get. Do you need to get to New York? It’s a 20 minute drive with your car, or you can take one of the express busses, or even grab a Train into Penn Station. Are you in the mood to go see a concert? Metlife is 15 minutes away. Do you want to grab tickets to a last-minute hockey game? Prudential Center is 20 minutes away. Besides all the big hot spots. Clifton is also located about 10 minutes from Montclair. Now if you didn’t know, Montclair is basically a mini, hipster New York City. You can be craving any type of cuisine and, chances are, Montclair is going to have a restaurant that features it.

More importantly, the residents of Clifton seem to overlook their stroke of luck in living in such a diverse town. Whether it’s racially, religiously, or social economically, Clifton really has it all. Speaking from my own personal experiences, I’ve seen children grow up in towns where uniformity is a common concept. Everyone ends up driving the same cars and having the same political views, while they stay surrounded by the people they grew up with because they don’t know anything outside of the town limits. I’ve seen this plant a bigoted seed in the minds of my peers; they begin to believe that their way is the only way and refuse to see other people’s points of view. Without that diversity, people only know what they’re accustomed too and then once they step outside of their comfort zone, it’s a complete cultural shock.

Some honorable mentions of why living in Clifton isn’t the complete worst is the fact that we don’t have to drive 20 minutes just to go to the grocery store; there’s a least two on every corner. We also don’t have bears walking around our backyards because we don’t live in the forest; example A: any town in Northwestern Jersey. Another bright side is the fact that we live about 10 minutes from a shopping mall when some people have to drive 30.

In the end, your hometown may alway seem boring and a place you want to escape from but Clifton has its benefits and it’s a blessing in disguise to live in such a unique area.