Anything Goes: A Student Review of the Spring Musical

Ilona Soltys, Editor

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Spending a Friday Night at the school until 10 o’clock did not seem like an ideal way to start off a weekend but, it was definitely worth it. I walked into the auditorium excited to see all the hard work and effort the student body put into Clifton High School’s production of Anything Goes and was pleasantly surprised.

It was evident, even from the beginning of the musical, that the actors put in their blood, sweat, and tears for opening night. From the evenly choreographed dances to the intricate costumes to the detailed set designs, every part of the play was at its full potential. The undeniable chemistry between all the actors was also a key part that allowed for such a wonderfully put-together production. It seemed as if all the angels were truly best friends, Hope and Billy (played by Jessica Alexander and Christian Collazo) really had history, and Moonface and Bonnie were really partners in crime.

A big round of applause must be awarded to Ms. Zariah Rivera and Mr. Christian Collazo for the true embodiment of the characters they played, the two protagonists, Reno Sweeney and Billy Crocker. As their voices echoed off the walls of the John F. Kennedy auditorium, they stunned their audience into silence which then turned into a fit of applause. Moonface, a favorite character of mine, deserves a standing ovation for his comic relief and representation of his character. From his accent to his impersonation of a minister, he had us hunched over, clutching our stomachs, and laughing up a storm. In simpler terms, Anything Goes was definitely worth the watch and I give it 5/5 stars.