Interview With A Felician University Sophomore!

Interview With A Felician University Sophomore!

Samantha Zakrzewski, Writer/Editor

Shaking nervously, she stood up from her seat, gathered her belongings, and left the classroom. Once outside, she and two other students began speed walking towards their car. They hopped inside and the driver stepped on the gas pedal, driving as fast as the speed limit permitted. Upon reaching their destination, they all jumped out of the car and sprinted up the steps into the building. They kept on running until they reached their destination. It was Brittany’s first day of school and she had arrived to class on the wrong campus.   

While this may not have been the best way to start her first day at Felician University, Brittany Sasiadek, now a sophomore, has nothing but praise for the college. “When I arrive to campus, everybody’s usually friendly- the students and professors all say ‘hi’ to each other. It’s very easy to make friends because it’s such a warm, welcoming environment.” As Brittany praises her beloved university, she can’t help but beam proudly. “Before class starts, students are usually waiting by the snack machines, either studying or talking with friends. Everyone is well acquainted with each other.” Although arriving to class at the wrong campus may seem like the worst possible scenario, Brittany’s friendly professor consoled her and her two friends, rather than scold them for arriving late to class. “She was empathetic towards our situation.”

Brittany went on to tell me about her new schedule for the upcoming spring semester. “I only have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, giving me time to relax and catch up on course work.” Brittany then provided some insight on when to take classes. “Daytime classes are better. The earliest class that Felician offers is at 8:15 AM.” With a laugh, she added, “But who wants to wake up early? My earliest class is at 9:50 AM, giving me plenty of time to study and prepare for class. I also recommend having your classes back to back with no gap in between- better to get it done in one shot so you can go to the library, cafe, or rec room.”

When asked if there are any classes that she would recommend, Brittany struggled to narrow down the list to her top three. Starting with number three, History 130 Honors with Dr.Vecchio, you’d be surprised to learn that history made Brittany’s list of favorite classes as she is someone not even remotely interested in the subject. “There were only three other students, which allowed everyone to share their input,” Brittany explained. “Since it was an honors class, we had this activity game that we played for half of the semester.” For this game, each of the four students took on a role of someone from the French Revolution. They then had to write a constitution for France. “Being in a small class made me feel comfortable debating with my fellow students.”

Number two on her list was Art- Basic Drawing with Professor McAlphin. When asked the reason this class was in her top three, Brittany replied, “It was hands on- we didn’t just sit there listening to a lecture. We were able to express ourselves through our artwork.” She also added that she “made the most friends in this class because everyone gave their input.”

This then leads us to Brittany’s favorite class that she has taken so far at Felician- English 102 with Dr. Perkins. Brittany felt that Dr. Perkins “challenged her students and had different activities to keep the class going.” She then provided an example of one such activity. “For example, we had to analyze movies and perform group work. One of my favorite parts of the class was that everyone was involved- it was not just the professor talking.”

When asked about her least favorite class, it took her awhile to come up with an answer. After a few awkward moments of silence, she shrugged her shoulders and told me that she didn’t have any.

Based on the classes that she’s either taken or are currently enrolled in, Brittany told me that the class size “depends- I’ve been in classes with under eight people, but I’ve also been in classes with thirty.” When asked to give an approximate class average, she told me “around 20 students- the most in a class would probably be about 40.”

Up until this point, I’ve failed to mention that Brittany has maintained a straight A average for her semesters at Felician. For someone as busy as she is, it’s beyond impressive that she has been able to achieve such stellar grades. But how does she deal with the stress that accompanies these remarkable grades?

“My dogs are what keeps me sane,” Brittany laughed. “Green tea, listening to music, and taking naps also help. But what really motivates me is knowing that I’m working towards something important.”

On average, Brittany says that she spends “1-3 hours” a day studying. While this may seem overwhelming, Brittany explains that “If you know that a class will have heavy textbook work, try not to take a bunch of those classes at once.” If she made one mistake during her time at Felician, it was doing the opposite of this advice. “I had three to four classes that required a lot of reading in one semester. So don’t take History, English, and Psychology in one semester like I did.”

While Brittany has figured out how to manage her course load, how does she have the time to do it?

“I kick my sister out of my house,” Brittany jokingly said. “As much as I love babysitting my niece and nephews, sometimes I need my sister to just take them and leave so that I can concentrate on my schoolwork.” And if kicking her sister out doesn’t work? “Then I just lock myself in my bedroom.”

Many high schoolers feel the need to have their lives figured out well before their senior year of high school. This was not the case for Brittany. To this day, she still hasn’t decided on a major. Many, like myself, may wonder if she’s wasting her time.

“Not necessarily- I took all of the required general education courses and am now taking English and communication courses, which I plan on either majoring or minoring in.”

While on the topic of majors, I asked Brittany the question that many high schoolers have- just how important is it to decide on a major freshman year of college?

“It’s not that important. I would recommend having a major by the end of freshman year- take your general education courses freshmen and sophomore year.” But, Brittany did mention that this may not be the case for every career path. “Some majors require you to take one course before you take another so sometimes you need required courses before general education courses.”

Having attended Felician for two years, Brittany went on to tell me what stands out the most about her beloved campus. “On both campuses there are a lot of trees, making it nice and serene. Felician is close to NYC, which is convenient for those who intend on making frequent trips to the city. Also, the Rutherford campus is close to Park Ave, which has lots of restaurants and stores.”

After talking with Brittany, it’s clear that Felician University offers students a welcoming environment that encourages its students to become well acquainted with one another. For those considering Felician, you’ve made the right choice. And just remember that if you so happen to enter the wrong class on your first day, it’s not a big deal. You may have to sprint to the next campus like Brittany did, but rest assured that the empathetic professors will (hopefully) understand.