Prom Fashion Show 2019


Ilona Soltys, Editor

Tux fittings, dress alterations, makeup appointments. It can only mean one thing; Prom Season is upon us! WIthin that, the Prom Fashion Show is also coming up. On April 7th, 2019, the Seniors of the Class of 2019 have the opportunity to strut their stuff on the walkways of Clifton High School and show off the 2019 Prom Fashions. The students are treated to getting their makeup and hair done and even having the chance to keep the dress or tuxedo they wore. For the students who signed up, don’t forget to attend the mandatory meetings coming up:

  • February 27th: Bring in your signed permission sheet and biography
  • March 13th: Your tickets must be paid in full and brought to the meeting
  • March 27th: Meeting with the DJ, have a song prepared for you and your partner
  • April 6th: Mandatory Dress Rehearsal

If you’re interested in attending, find a senior who’s participating! They have to sell 5 tickets each and once they do, their Project Graduation ticket is paid off in full. Each ticket is $10 so make sure to get yours and mark down the date on your calendar!