Should the High School Dropout Age be Raised?

Lisbeth Cedano, staff writer

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In my opinion, the high school dropout age SHOULD be raised. The dropout age for in New Jersey is 16 with a parental consent. I believe that high school students should not have the privilege to drop out of high school. They should be able to complete high school and then decide if they want to go to college or not. At 16 years old, teens do not have the full understanding of how hard life really is without a high school degree. They are not ready to make such a big decision. Teens usually find themselves in high school and go through different phases in life. Having a 16 year old teenager be able to decide whether or not they want to dropout is mistake. Whoever is in high school, should be obligated to finish. Then they should be able to decide if they want to go to college. College is not for everyone and you could still be successful with or without a college degree. However, a high school degree is the bare minimum to be successful.