What Planet Rules Your Sign?

Ilona Soltys, Editor

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Astrology has been around for as long as the planets have been in orbit. Recently though, astrology has found its way under the microscope of Pop Culture. People look to the back of the latest issue of Cosmo to find out how well their love life is gonna be this week. They look at the entertainment section of the newspaper to find out if they’ll win the lottery or not, or how financially stable they’ll be for the next seven days. Something people don’t know is that astrology is a much more complex concept than deciphering which sign you are based on your birth month and day. It’s split up into your rising sign, your sun sign, your moon sign, and just about every planet’s sign. Each unit is based on where that planet or astronomical body was placed during the exact time of your birth and it explains a different part of your personality and the type of person you are. The three most important sections of your astrological birth-chart depend on your Rising, Sun, and Moon sign


Rising Sign: Think of it as your mask when meeting someone. This is your automatic reaction to the environment around you and how you cope with your issues.

Sun Sign: These are the signs that you see in horoscopes. This is the ruler of your personality in general. Your sun signs dominates how you act around your friends and loved ones.

Moon Sign: This is the dominator of your internal emotions and inner mood. Your moon sign shows you your innermost needs and wants.


Depending on your Sun Sign, you often have a dominating planet or astronomical body, which each have their own characteristics and represent a certain aspect of your personality, often the most dominatining or important to you.


Mercury: Communication and Decision Making, rules Gemini and Virgo

Venus: Love and Beauty, rules Libra and Taurus

Mars: Intensity and Warrior Instinct, rules Aries and Scorpio

Jupiter: Purpose and Meaning, rules Sagittarius

Saturn: Limitation and Restriction, rules Capricorn

Uranus: Freedom and Creativity, rules Aquarius

Neptune: Spirituality and Intuition, rules Pisces

The Moon: Security and Consistency, rules Cancer

The Sun: Self Image and Drive, rules Leo

(If you’d like to find your full birth chart, visit https://alabe.com/freechart/default.asp and input your date, time and place of birth. You’ll receive a full chart on where your planets lie and what that means about the person you are!)