What Clifton Student Union is All About

Nada Awadalla, Editor

Whether you are dissatisfied with the school lunch, the curriculum, the rules or even the bell schedules, you have a right to speak your mind and appeal for change. The Clifton Student Union is the place where you can discuss your concerns and come up with different ideas to further improve the Clifton High School student experience.


 The CSU, led by Darwin Diaz this year, Works to keep the students’ voices in the minds of administrators and the Board of Education Commissioners. Since the club was started a few years ago with Mr Henry as Advisor, it has Accomplished just that.


 Our lunches have improved, students have access to free test prep books, and most importantly we have started to bridge the massive 50 million dollar gap in our budget.


All these accomplishments of course, were only possible through the Clifton students’ collective voices and efforts.

 To have your voice and concerns be heard join the CSU weekly discussions every Tuesday in room S217! If we want change then we Must Organize for Power!