Trade Schools

Trade Schools

Nikola Kubacka, staff writer

In today’s society, everyone is expected to go to college or start working right away, but for many people this is not something they want to pursue. This is where trade school comes in.

What is a trade school?

Trade school, also know as vocational school or vocational college, is a secondary or post-secondary education that teaches students technical skills required to perform the tasks of a particular and specific job. These schools differ from colleges by focusing on job specific training for students who are bound for one of the skilled trades. 

What are the benefits to attending a trade school?

There are many benefits to going to trade school.   While a bachelor’s degree takes 4 or more years, you can get a trade school degree in 2 years or less. Because of this, many people in trade schools further their careers more easily and get experience quicker. There is also a high demand for well prepared students with hands on training and essential skills in the workforce. As well as having higher demand, less time in school, and more experience, trade schools cost a lot less than some colleges and don’t require applying the same way as traditional colleges do.

What are the disadvantages of attending a trade school?

Some of the disadvantages of attending a trade school are missing out on the traditional college experiences and that trade schools don’t give out as much financial aid as colleges. There is also a more rounded education in a traditional college and more flexibility in a 4-year college degree. Once you leave trade school, you are only skilled in that area, with fewer options for career change. 

What jobs can you do with a trade school degree?

Some programs you can complete in trade school include electrician, marine mechanic, aircraft mechanic, dental hygienist, plumber, pharmacy technician, nurse, paralegal, computer technician, veterinary technician, welder, cosmetologist, chef, construction manager and more.

Where are some of the local trade schools?

Some of technical schools and trade schools near Clifton are Capri Institute (Clifton) , Universal Technical Institute (Bloomfield), American Institute (Clifton), Culinary Arts Hospitality and Tourism (Paterson) , Lincoln Technical Institute(Varys), Bergen County Technical Schools (Hackensack) and many more.